A new track in Neumoegen

 There is Neumoegen in the South-West of the Heterocera continent of Mainland. SLRR main line passes this SIM in the north and south. The track which diverged was spread from Neumoegen Station to the west recently. And the new track was spread on the land of an inhabitants.

The manager of this land,Myuki negotiated with Michael of LDPW.  Michael came to here and connected a track to the main line. New streetcars were operated at once by inhabitants of the land,Hito.

LDPW seems to support activity of such inhabitants.

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2 Responses to A new track in Neumoegen

  1. Great 🙂 I like to explore SL by car or train. I must visit this area and see the new track:)


  2. ujiyasu says:

    Yes,the trip by the vehicle in SL is one of the most pleasant things.

    I wish somebody makes a train of SJ 🙂


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