My Corsair

 I steer my airplane in the virtual world. It relaxes me very much.

 My most favorite airplane is Corsair of this THI.  When I did an aerial dogfight frequently, I was often shot down for movement by a superior fighter. However, by the fighter that it is not performance of a true fighter.

 The fighter suitable for an aerial dogfight sometimes deviates from an original airplane in SL.

 Because it was expelled by the Japanese SL airplane village, I do not need to board a Japanese airplane. I’m good-bye for them who are narrow-minded.

 I have relations with an overwhelmingly large number of Japanese in reality. Therefore, I do not think that they represent Japan.

 They consider me to be heterogeneous. However, my work friend who watched my blog laughed.

“You don’t have to be troubled about them. They are isolated groupuscule.”

 This fighter is not vulnerable to an aerial dogfight yet.

The Japanese fighter was done a dive of by my Corsair and may have feared it  🙂

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