Japan which cooled down

The temperature suddenly deteriorated in the eastern part and the northern part in Japan. It was 9 degrees Celsius in Tokyo, and -9.6 degrees Celsius in Hokkaido.

The cold seems to be temporary. However, the change of sudden temperature gives our body load. A cold is prevalent in my workplace. I’m originally strong in cold. However, I must be careful about infection of a cold.

APEC is held in Yokohama on November 13/14. The Japanese police call out 20,000 police officers on the watch for terrorism. The Yokohama city is full of police officers 🙂

A typhoon comes close just then to Japan, and it’s bad weather on the weekend. I enjoy SL with not going out the weekend.

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2 Responses to Japan which cooled down

  1. Aah this seems to be a better temperatur for living and work:)


  2. ujiyasu says:

    I spend today for production of my skybox 🙂


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