The death of Paul


 Octopus Paul, who became world famous this summer when he tipped the right result at the World Cup, is dead. ”Hans succé gjorde honom nästan till en större historia än hela VM”, säger Stefan Porwoll, chef för akvariet i Oberausen där Paul bodde. “His success made him almost to a bigger story than the whole World Cup,” said Stefan Porwoll, director of the aquarium in Oberausen where Paul lived.

The death of Paul was reported in Japan,too. As dn wrote it, Paul was the most famous octopus. Nobody thinks that an octopus has intelligence. However, it gave people pleasure that he guessed right at the result of the match.

An octopus in Swedish is “en bläckfisk”(ink fish). “Fish” in the Japanese generally says a fish having the backbone. The fish seems to express the submarine life whole in Swedish. As for it, the English may be similar, too.

The cuttlefish is “fish” in the English. The difference of the nuance which each words have is interesting.  The death of Paul reminded me of it.

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