The sky cruise by My Corsair

It’s SLPG PRAGUE – PREFABRICA  Airport of the Satori continent northeast here. I ride on my F4U after an interval of one week. The flight in Mainland is not aimed for a battle.

 I flew it at low speed in F4U as much as possible this time. It can shorten a delay in the border of SIM. Furthermore, the low speed flight is most suitable for a sight-seeing flight because the drawing of the topography is considered to be it moderately.

 I enter into the border of SIM at high speed and, in the case of an aerial dogfight, often fall into operation inability. However, the flight at the low speed does not produce a problem in F4U of THI.

 F4U of THI is not conscious of an aerial dogfight performed in SL that much. The fighter suitable for an aerial dogfight in SL is totally a merry-go-round.

This Corsair does not turn so intensely. However, it’s near to the flight of Corsair in the video.

The person performing only an aerial dogfight in SL may not buy this Corsair. However, the most of SL are peaceful.

This is most suitable to cruise in the sky of SL.

And I really get a feeling of opening by a flight 🙂

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