Good grief…

I finished work and came home at half past 23 p.m. I was tired very much. I throw clothing into the washer and take a shower.

I lost an opportunity of my dinner.

And I must get up 6 hours more later. Good grief…

Good night,all.

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8 Responses to Good grief…

  1. Eddie Stallion says:

    Please tell tour inbreeded reatarded dumbass boss that you must have a 6 week long vacation !
    * lots of kisses and huggies , Eddie *

  2. ujiyasu says:

    There is a mysterious word for me 🙂
    However, thank you.

    I’m work from now on.
    I’m very sleepy…


  3. Vesper Kling says:

    Jeeeezzz whats wrong with your boss??? Let me examine his head – with a spoon and no painkillers.

    Hugs and take care

  4. quark Melody says:

    Wow, I hope your boss says thank you many times.

  5. Aaw, your working hours are not healthy..

    hugs, Gittrika

  6. ujiyasu says:

    Vesper,my boss is going to let me come home early. The old men who are the head of the organization have the problem.

    Japanese old men are very obstinate 😦
    And they are feudalism-like.

    Your country seems to be me normally.
    *hugs*,Vesper 🙂

  7. ujiyasu says:

    We make an effort to finish work early.
    However, the Japanese old generation does not seem to feel it good.

  8. ujiyasu says:

    Gittrika,Japanese takes pride economically with a successful country about Japan.

    However, it glosses over poverty of the life. As for the essence of the richness of the life, Sweden wins Japan.


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