The face of my avatar

I installed Phoenix which Gittrika introduced to me. As a result, I recognized a difference of the indication of the avatar with each viewer.

In the case of this avatar, I liked the expression of the phoenix. And 2.0 are good about my another avatar.

I’m particular about the expression of my avatar. Aren’t all of you so, too? And it is preference different each.

I knew that it was recognized as different looks by a different viewer. It’s self-satisfaction.

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2 Responses to The face of my avatar

  1. baker b. says:

    It’s interesting. In creating various avatars (6 or 7 so far) I always fairly quickly mashed together various styles that don’t belong together and, once done, I don’t tinker much with the results, however odd to the outsider viewer. Witness Esbum Michigan, part cardboard robot part Irish lass, har har. It seems right to me; can’t really change.

    It’s admittedly one of the hardest things I’ve had to understand about SL, this devotion to… well, I’ve dealt with it a lot. To me, many AO’s are unnatural and unnecessary. People, for example, don’t shuffle their feet and look about aimlessly when you talk to them. Instead they act more like default Linden animations: they look steadfastly at you. It crosses what can be termed the Uncanny Valley in many ways. And I don’t think I’m the only one that’s put off by this, especially those peering in from the outside.

    But on the other hand practically all my available rl money is tied into land and not avatar appearance. I’m not a rich man in rl. Not saying the opposite is wrong, to give a contrast (focus on avatar appearance instead of surrounding environment). Just something I’ve never understood and probably never will about what is after all virtual pixels.

    I’m a happily married man in rl… don’t know if that factors in, but it might.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    You understand essence of the avatars in SL well. It seems that the avatars are different by an individual PC or a viewer.

    Therefore, it may be useless to be particular about the difference that the avatar is small.

    However, as for many women, there is the experience that played in dress up doll in the days of a child.

    Please think it to be one of the pleasure in SL of women 🙂

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