2.0 Viewer

I’m disgusted at a high temperature in my room. It’s the middle of October now. Why is Japan of this year so hot?

I get mad and watch a cold video. The neighboring cold scenery which Sonja sings cools me moderately.

Then I was going to do the reinstallation of SL viewer. I used Snowglobe so far. When I looked at the official site of SL, I noticed that Snowglobe is not there. I downloaded SL Development Viewer unwillingly.

My bad feeling proved right. The viewer were 2.0systems. The UI let me be at a loss enough. The change of dramatic UI brings existing users pain. As for 2.0, many problems occurred frequently at first.

I installed 2.0 initial versions in my PC in this spring; lost my PC just after that. The trouble of my PC was a damage by a fire of the mother board. Thereafter I hesitated about 2.0 introduction.

“Viewer 2.0 is dangerous”

The Japanese SL users talked like that.

LL seems to have discharged the Japanese staff just at that time. Naturally the dissatisfaction to LL of Japanese users increased. In the days of former CEO, LL was cruel for a Japanese.

The 2.0 acts that discouraged me most are to show a child my avatar -(

I must use considerable time in the revision of my avatar. LL is poor at business.

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4 Responses to 2.0 Viewer

  1. ujiyasu says:

    Du verkar känna 2,0 än mig.
    Landskapet visas av betraktaren är verkligen underbar.

    Men är inte mitt ansikte fet?

  2. Many users have complaints about the 2.0 viewer. I suggest you to also try Phoenix. Good graphics, fast rezzing and easy to handle.:)


    Hugs, Gittrika

  3. ujiyasu says:

    It was recognized that it was frozen when I operated 2.0 environment dialogues in my PC.
    I intend to try 2.0 and Phoenix.

    Gittrika,thank you for good information 🙂


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