The big trees in Rera

I put some very big trees on my Rera. Those big trees use each only 2prims. And they shut out SIM of the scenery unlike next Rera.

 The big tree is a symbol of grand vitality. Our life is shorter than  big trees. Those life look at all which is busy of us and stand there.

The life gets old sometime soon. I will become an old woman by all means in the future, too. Will I be person that it seems to be this big tree then?

Omg!! More experience and learning are necessary for me…

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2 Responses to The big trees in Rera

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    You will never be old, because you are “young at heart”. Some people are old when they are 25…. you are not one of them =)

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Vesper,np 🙂
    I like Sweden that you who are faithful live.
    The rabbit in my RL house yawns.

    Omg! He resembles me and is lazy!!

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