The morning of Saturday

Eddie removed roller coaster in Rera last night. For setting of the roller coaster that it’s new. I want to make Rera North European scenery first.

He worried about my problem in Japanese SL. I work with the Japanese of the same generation in RL. They have a flexible thought. However, there are many Japanese who are old in Japanese SL. Their avatar is young, but the inside isn’t so.

I can’t understand their thought. It’s similar in the real world. Young generations do not usually interchange with old people in Japan.

In Japan,a different generation does not need to join our friend in SNS except SL. It by a topic and the isolation of the thought.

Therefore, I don’t think seriously. It can always happen in reality. Japanese adults always criticize young generations. However, what kind of youth hears the opinion of adult who worsened present Japan?

Japanese SL is only part of world SL. Even if they intend to have expelled me, I have my SIM. And I have friends from the world. I don’t want to shut myself up in the small room.

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3 Responses to The morning of Saturday

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    I feel often exactly like you when I am in the swedish parts of Second life. Sometimes people are just so far apart from each other there is no way you can interact in a good way.

    I left them and I have got a much better virtual life now. I think as you say, its a lot of old people in second life and they bring their prejudices with them from Real life.

    You should do your thing and dont let them get at you!

    But even if you are not young, you can be young at heart. So of course we can not judge everyone by their age. People are different.

    Warm hugs to you!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Because you had experiences similar with me, you can have precise advice to me. And we can enjoy good conversation between living in the reality distantly. And we can live with animals in the virtual world.

    I think that the virtual world brought us one of the satisfaction. I knew your goose and knew the character that you were tender.

    Oh,is it wrong in my English tense?

  3. Vesper Kling says:

    No Ujiyasu i understand perfectly what you mean, you are so sweet!! Im glad I have you as a friend 🙂

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