The neighboring country which is difficult for China, this Japan

It angered the Chinese government that it was decided that Nobel Peace Prize was conferred on Liu Xiaobo which was Chinese human rights activist. It’s a totalitarianism than China is a communist state.

The Chinese government drove the musical of a held Norwegian singer into the cancellation next month in Beijing on 12th. The person of composition of the musical talked to Reuter.

“It’s punishment for Norway. The Norwegians must not play it in China.”

The Chinese government notified the composer.

I watched a Norwegian newspaper, but Norway was not upset. I discovered Japan and an article about the Chinese opposition rather than it.

Combat power behind the unrest Japan-China

Japan’s arrest of a Chinese fishing boat has triggered strong reactions from China. Behind is unresolved border issues at sea and China’s need to highlight the growing power.

Japan released the crew after a few days, but remanded the skipper because he allegedly had deliberately driven the boat into the two Japanese coast guard ships were near the small islands of Senkaku, which are under Japanese control.

Japan’s ambassador in Beijing since the Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned for at least five times to be presented to demand that the captain must be released. China has canceled a parliamentary trip to Japan and a prime minister meeting between the two countries next week in New York can also be canceled.

 “Japan will reap as it wound if it continues to act recklessly, “said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang.”

Yu said the Financial Times. She realized this is not the threat.

Higher temperature

The small islands in the sea northeast of Taiwan, called Diaoyu in Chinese, Senkaku in Japanese. Both countries claim them. Control of the islands can play an important role in every nation starting point to determine the boundaries of economic zones at sea.

It has become warmer over the interpretation of the law of the sea and in the relationship between China, Japan and the United States. There have been many episodes now, says senior researcher at Stein Tønnesson Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO) to NTB on why the clash of Chinese fishing boats and Japanese coast guard vessels happening now.

He emphasized that China has strengthened the navy a long time.

China has looked tired on the U.S. business and marks its own sovereignty. Violation of the right to oil and gas resources beneath the seabed is also used, he says, but stresses that he does not think the situation could develop into a serious military confrontation.

Several minor incidents, however, he will not rule.

Increased power

Other sources, however, suggests that Japan is committed to meeting China’s increased military power to strengthen its own preparations.

On 20 August notified the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun that Japan’s navy in December to hold the first exercise to defend and retake Ryukyuøyene from a hostile power, according to the website The Jamestown Foundation.

Ryukyuøyene located in an arc from the east coast of Taiwan and to Japan itself, and can be the basis for preventing Chinese warships in reaching out into the Pacific.

Another Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, wrote 28 August that the government had changed Japan’s Security Council official strategy and now stood on the principle of “the logic of power.”

There is a significant change from the traditional Japanese pacifism after World War II.


Tønnesson, who has been very concerned about the controversy in the South China Sea, however, believes that one should not fear war

I do not think the situation is particularly dangerous. Sea used for signaling. It is reassuring that China has resolved almost all the border issues through land deals. I think China will come to the country will benefit from entering into agreements with neighboring states, including Japan, also at sea, “he said.

Tønnesson have worked closely with the border conflict in the South China Sea, where China is in violation of, among others, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan for control over several small islands, and have even submitted a proposed solution to the conflict.

China is the neighbor who is difficult for Japan. If they do not throng to Japan, I am not interested in them. And I don’t want to be interested in them. They noticed the comfort of own large country recently. They look down on Europe. They are convinced that they catch up with U.S.A. However, I don’t think so. They fall down in the near future.

They overdo too much it in the country.

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