A rule in Japan

I feel  Japanese special ill at ease thought even in SL. Rules are usually set in battle SIM in SL. There are a lot of vague rules in the Japanese society. They are not stipulated, but it is demanded that the people belonging to the society obey them tacitly. This custom is not understood for the people who do not belong to the society.

When an outsider went against a tacit rule in the society, it causes a troublesome problem. In the first place the outsider does not know the rule that is not stipulated. The people belonging to the society consider the outsider to be a person against a rule. The custom brings distrust in both sides.

A similar thing happened in SIM of Japanese SL. It’s Combat SIM, but there was not the rule. Because, as for it, estate owner disliked the flooding of the rule.

A certain woman avatar(actually, it’s middle age man :))  has begun to impeach me after I performed an aerial dogfight in the SIM as always. He says that my battle violates a rule of here. However, there doesn’t really have the rule. He attacks me in the SIM first. I was shot down by him, and he cannot have complained. However, he seems to have been angry because I counterattacked him this time and shot down his airplane.

He blamed me in front of all. However, there is not the rule that is clear here. I asked where the rule was written to him. He answered that it was one of the common sense in here to me. It seems to be to clarify position team beforehand somehow or other.

It seems to be a witch trial of the Middle Ages to impeach me without a clear rule. There was the Japanese who defended me then in great numbers. However, I had to obey a tacit rule after all. The woman avatar triumphed.

What the small world here? I was discouraged. They seem to want to brag in the small village. Oh, great. This is just…

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2 Responses to A rule in Japan

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    Omg that sounds childish to pretend there is special “rules” if you dont like to loose. And get together like this against one person. Cowards…

    Dont feel intimidated by them and dont let them destroy your day


  2. ujiyasu says:

    It is hard to often understand the Japanese rule. The Japanese likes to deal in a group. The intention of the group regulates each personal intention in Japan.

    It may be applied to overseas people speaking Japanese. It is not always advantageous that the overseas person uses the Japanese in Japan. It is because you cannot but obey a strange rule.

    When you completely understood Japanese, you must be surprised at the overbearing arrogantness of the Japanese man.

    You notice that the man of odd looks smaller-sized than you is going to let you be subordinate and may be amazed at it.

    Of course there are the excellent Japanese man. However, I sometimes have that I feel arrogance and horror for a Japanese men.

    I think the society where Vesper belongs to to be better.The Swedish society is not sick in comparison with the Japanese society 🙂


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