F4U Corsair : October 10, 2010

 F4U is the slender fighter in American Carrier Fighters on WW2. It looks sporty in comparison with stronger F6F.

 F4U of THI has a long delay very when it goes over the border of SIM. It may originate in communication facility to be able to put between fighter and HUD. Therefore, I don’t attach HUD. However, the fighter may communicate regardless of having HUD or not.

 I flew in the sky of mainland at low speed.

 I want to remove the communication facility of this fighter if I can do it. However, it will be impossible. Such a thing is not forgiven without permission by a producer.

 In the first place these sold fighters are impossible of remodeling.

 The existence of the scripter is indispensable in SL. However, a script and the fusion of the vehicle that I can be satisfied with are rare. It may be prejudice for my scripter.

 There are words called “the customer satisfaction” in reality. The extension of the hobby of the producer is often found in SL.

 It may be the best that I finally create my Corsair by myself. 

 If there is not even a heavy script, this Corsair is the best.

 Many Japanese want to ride on a fighter of former Japan force. I don’t like them very much.

 I may be a perverse person 🙂

I’m weak in Japanese group behavior.

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2 Responses to F4U Corsair : October 10, 2010

  1. I’m not at all for nationalism, never. But feel encourage to do more than american (U.S.) Forces, as well on Air, Navy or Army and Civil.

    I’m doing some effort in Spanish corps custom. If anyone forget, we’re the firt recognize official marine former Estate, as well first civil and militar airship and helicoper (Autogyro) as well the submarine of Isaac Peral.

    I’ve saw some Spanish Civil War airplanes…

    But, all feed back about inworld designs will be greatiful welcome. Thanks a lot.

    The world is not enought!*

    Very good work Ujiyasu

  2. ujiyasu says:

    The people sometimes look at other countries in a stereotype. People saying that Japan is still militaristic are the people who do not know current Japan.

    elMegro,you are not a nationalist 🙂
    You mentioned the activity of the group of the citizen from the first. It is proof of the healthy democracy society where you belong to.

    By the way, I love the Spanish cooking.

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