China Assessors: Nobel Prize stings in Beijing


While the Chinese call the Norwegian ambassador in Beijing and condemn the first Nobel Prize to a Chinese citizen, require world leaders that China will release Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mr Liu out of jail.

A number of world leaders in the U.S. Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the head called on the Chinese government to release Mr Liu from prison and allow him to travel to Oslo to receive the Peace Prize. Furthermore hoped a number of leading politicians the world that the Peace Prize will lead to political changes in China.

Few have so far criticized the choice of Mr Liu. One is Wei Jingsheng, who are also opponents of the regime but now is in exile, he believes that there are dissidents who have made themselves more deserving of the prize, he declared on Friday.

Arnulf Kolstad, professor of social psychology and expert on China, said that winning elections is an expression of lack of knowledge and understanding of China, its history and polity.

“They will react with disappointment at this price. They Will React with disappointment at this price. It is not difficult to find a dissident in a country with more than 1.3 billion people, but the point is that many in China are happy with the way they have it, “

Kolstad says to VG Nett.

Negative voices were heard from the Chinese state media on Saturday unanimously condemned. Nobel Committee’s decision with the argument as “unwise, arrogant and prejudiced.” A leader in the English-language Global Times said that the Nobel Committee has “brought shame on himself” and argues that the Peace Prize has been “relegated to a political tool which serves an anti-Chinese view”.

China’s government condemned the stock price in strong terms, threatened reprisals against Norway and called up the Norwegian ambassador in Beijing. Assessors who talked to believes that it is difficult to imagine that China is making a reality of the threats, not least because trade relations are considered far more important.

“I know in the 70s, when I worked at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, that some nations in the context of the peace prize went to the U.S. Henry Kissinger and North Vietnam’s Le Duc Tho also threatened with inferior relations to Sweden, yet nothing happened, “

Jan Eliasson, former foreign minister said .

But there are also voices that say that just the Nobel Prize is especially sensitive for China and that it may play a role in relations with Norway. For China’s Nobel Prize a bigger issue than just the criticism of the country’s governance. Many observers and international media talk today is increasingly about the “mania” the country had to get a Nobel Prize, how China has the world’s most populous nation still not received a single Nobel Prize to someone who lives in the country.

Julia Lovell, who is the author of the book “The Politics of Cultural Capital: China’s Quest for a Nobel Prize in Literature”, writes in The Independet on Saturday under the title: “Beijing evaluate Nobel so high, that’s why it hurts so much.”

Even after re-entry into the 80’s, the country had a recognized Nobel complex. Beijing sees the price of an Olympic medal, as a public face, a chance to finally win a global recognition as a modern world power, ” Julia Lovell says.

If she’s right, it is not difficult to imagine what an anticlimax it now is for China, that when the country finally honored with a Nobel Prize to a Chinese citizen, so goes the price is not a successful writer or scholar, but an enemy of the state, a dissident in prison.

In connection with Friday’s decision was limited internet access in China sharply. Suddenly it was no longer to make standard web searches on the Peace Prize. However, it was still on Saturday to find news on the Chinese in China and on some blogs that told of the news and gave comments, but also at many pages removed.

劉曉波. So called Mr Liu for 1.3 billion Chinese. At one days searching on his name will find on Saturday over 160,000 hits, but when we press on many of the matches, for example, the following message up Chinese: 亲爱 的 用户: 看到 的 内容 已 被 删除! (“Dear user: They see that the content has been removed!”)

But censorship is not comprehensive, but several blogs and smaller views are still open for reading. One tells of how some Chinese nationals, who are already critical of the ruling Communist Party gathered via a wireless link. They write that they do not understand what the Europeans of the Nobel Committee said.

“But we are crying with joy when we hear Liu Xiaobo’s name is pronounced in Europe.

Bloggers in this particular case is already pro-democracy activists and move to another Nordic phenomenon to describe what they hope will happen with China. They write about the little Norway with the small Norwegian Nobel Committee, citing the Danish lord of the “emperor’s new clothes” when they compare what has now shaken the Emperor of China – the great, rich and all-powerful Communist Party of China.

 I read some interesting comment. I quote some comment below.

China is a horrible dictatorship that will stop at nothing to get what they want. Its leaders would rather choose to run over their fellow citizens with tanks than to realize that they themselves ought to resign.
China = North Korea = true ……..!
Freedom and democracy are obvious features which are not disputed. Those who think otherwise might think that someone ananassa nowhere. Are there many vacant guest houses in Pyong Yan …!

The thought that I have for China is almost an upper opinion. Many Japanese are similar, too.

The Norwegian Nobelkommitén has made a fool of himself again. Last year was a giant painting, giving Obama Peace Prize goes down in history as a great joke. The peace prize has become a political price which now gives up on China. Instead of following the Nobel directives and intentions as trying to spread the peace prize the political climate prevailing in Norway and Sweden.

I can’t understand the real intention the upper opinion well. Is it dissenting opinion to the political use of Nobel Peace prize? Should the committee have given a passable person a prize? In that case, does not the prize change to an ordinary memory medal?

Do all of you who complain about China should think a bit. What is best for us in Sweden and the Western world – a democracy with high wages or a dictatorship with good control of workers and wage formation. There is no advantage for us here in the West that China is democratized. China’s dictatorship and harsh control on the people is a blessing for us. Never before have we been able to act so cheap and good products now. Are we willing to give it up for people we never met? Hand on hjärtet – I do not think so.

The upper opinion may be his true intention. However, I think that the thought is very unilateral. It’s a thought of the wrong Chinese use in the West. Only expectation to an active China’s economy seems to be his opinion.

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