Aeon Voom

 I talked with Aeon Voom in the morning at Yumix. Aeon is thr creator of the well-known jet warplane in SL. The jet warplanes by him are interesting both. I talked with him about jet plane a little. However, it’s part of the conversation with him.

He showed some works to me this time. However, I had doubt toward the Japanese behavior that was same as then. There is a person ignoring the people from the foreign countries in the Japanese.  Most of the Japanese who do not want to use the English are eloquent in Japanese. It means that they are egocentric.

He produces modern jet fighters mainly and sells them. In addition he is concerned with the weapons of the WW2 times of THI.

I talked with him for a long time. I recognize the character that his balance is good for. He is always conscious of users. His good posture is supported by many users.

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