During three consecutive holidays

I get a holiday of three days from the weekend. On those holidays, it’s valuable for me. I didn’t have enough holidays in August and September.

As for me, it was originally entreated to go to its office this Saturday on Sunday by the other sections. However, the lack of the holiday harms my health. My boss rejected the request from the other section. The workplace forced to overtime work constantly must be checked.

The leader of the workplace must grasp duties contents and distribution of the work more. How many is the number of members who are necessary for the accomplishment of duties? Perhaps there are many leaders who cannot grasp even it.

Anyway, I am relieved because I seem to be able to take a rest.

I want to take it easy on the holiday.

The SIM next to Rera does not have the concept. It applies to it about most Japanese SIMs. The view of the SIM from Rera is not equal to it with my preference. During a holiday, I may remodel Rera greatly. It is remodeling to the environment of the subarctic zone of Rera. I wish next SIM is not in the view.

Therefore more trees are necessary. It loses a feeling of opening to arrange a mountain in the border of SIM. I don’t want to look at the chaos of the Japanese city in  SL.

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3 Responses to During three consecutive holidays

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  2. quark Melody says:

    hooray , I am glad you get to have a full 3day holiday this time. Take it easy 🙂

  3. ujiyasu says:

    ty 🙂
    I enjoy the life of the sloth for three days. lol

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