F4U Corsair : October 3, 2010

 THI’s F4U has very bad turning performance. The speed performance of the airplane in SL does not have the difference so. As for the aerial dogfight in SL, turning performance seems to be the one of the victory conditions. It’s different from the real aerial dogfight of WW2. How should I treat this heavy fighter?

 The one of the answers is to carry out thorough hit and away. F4U must always attack enemies from a long distance. The strong machine gun of F4U can shoot a good enemy of the turning performance from a long distance. There is a fighter with strong armament and defense with lightness. I don’t fight with the fighter which doesn’t have such a common sense seriously.

 I occupy the position that is higher than an enemy. As for F4U, acceleration performance is good.

 I catch an enemy from high altitude. And I make nose dive toward the enemy.

The delay of the reascension means a crash to the ground or the surface of the water.

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