The F4U of THI

 My new favorite F4U Corsair. This fighter by THI was equal to my preference. In fact, I have F4U by the Japanese creator. However, it was not equal to my preference. It is acrobatics airplane, not a fighter. I put it away.

The fighter in SL is optimized by a battle in the same SIM inside. It has higher turning performance than the real fighter.  There is a case judged that F4U of DHI has low turning performance.

However, evaluation of this F4U is not low in it. This F4U expresses realistic performance.

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5 Responses to The F4U of THI

  1. I just bough a couple WWII Aircraft Carriers and very interested in Navy airplanes (that fold wings) as well the helicopters I got and “Salvamento Marítimo” spanish fleet (the SAR corps), make a good mix.

    Ad my advice and experience SL only allow reasonable scale relation for Vtols, like Harriers, Aircraft Navy and ULMs landyards to be well fit.

    And I love the folding wings specs to improve areas.
    SL in fact its dwarf size “regions” LOL, everytime I read “region” something sakes me from tip to toe.
    How can be called region a smaller area 256 sqm??? LOL

    …So to many things at once… Exciting wake up when I see that Corsair. 😉

  2. ujiyasu says:

    the inverted gull wing of F4U is very impressive. It contributes to the turn of the big propeller in the ground.

    The fold wings is one of the remarkable characteristics in carrier based air)plane.

    Is the SAR a meaning of thr search and rescue?

    And region of SL is clearly too small for airplanes 😉

  3. You’re right, S.A.R. it’s abbreviation of “Search And Rescue”. Worth a visit on Ghloogums/80/160 to have a look on my “Salvamento Marítimo” fleet. Including the SA-365 Dauphin and a CL-415 Firefighter.

    In fact SL has NO proper region, it’s only a patchy tiled bad seamed floor. Serious simulators use Ship Simulator EXTREME, Flight Simulator or X-Fly.

    And that Corsair was a revolution I though have one… 😉

  4. ujiyasu says:

    I visited Marina Sport Racer Sailing Club of Ghloogums 🙂

    Are the red boats of the Spanish coastal guard? They seem to be a patrol boat and fireboats.

  5. Are “Salvamento Marítimo”, civil SAR(Search And Rescue). All both are multi operations, rescue, emergency cleaner disaster… gery deck one shoud be indetify for deep sea tug too.


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