Escape from arrest

 I started the engine of my B239-Buffalo-Taivaan Helmi in the airport of Santa Catalina. One passenger plane took off from the runway.

 I took off from the airport following a Cessna. Sunday, I who are freed from the tight Japanese society do not talk with a Japanese if possible. Of course, they will not be going to talk with me positively, too. I may be a heretic breaking Japanese rules for them. However, I’m not a Japanese complete after all. They cannot change my eye color to black. They cannot influence my heart likewise.

 I pointed an airplane to the west. I think that Japanese youths don’t have the prejudice to me. However, Japanese adults are going to restrict me in Japanese narrow rules.

 Many Japanese residents like activity only with Japanese in SIM which stood alone in SL. The world such as the inside of the octopus trap seems to be comfortable for them.

 I caught up with the passenger plane of a while ago. It seems to aim at the airport of the Satori continent northern coast.

 I flew with it for a while. I felt that I shared freed space with them. And I quicken speed and overtake the passenger plane. Byebye,the big bird.

 Oh.I should enjoy a valuable holiday.

 I can fly freely in this virtual world.

 It brings me mental tranquility.

 Freedom, it are irreplaceable things.

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2 Responses to Escape from arrest

  1. quark Melody says:

    Thank you for a delightful post. I am an outsider living in Japan, and believe I am lucky that I am able to break the strict rules of Japanese society now and then. You are great to get out of the Japanese corner of SL and explore and meet others from around the world. You do your country proud. Keep exploring and pushing at those boundaries.

  2. ujiyasu says:


    Many Japanese may change a manner if I do not use the Japanese. Half of my features are not Japanese them 🙂

    They change a manner strictly as soon as they know that I can speak Japanese.

    While in America, it’s acceptable to openly express dissenting ideas even if it leads to embarrassment or disagreement.

    Japan is the (group-oriented / harmony-centered) society, so in order to maintain the harmony of the group, people use “facades” that are not their real feelings to avoid frictions with others.

    In reality though, many Japanese feel suffocated in such Japan’s HONNE TATEMAE society.

    However, I feel that I’m connected to the world people in SL. And, in fact, it’s significant. As for me, fatigue of today’s work was reduced very much by your comment 🙂

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