The Japanese same generation in my SL

 My Japanese friend in SL,Nyan changed her skin recently. She who loves a cat is an appearance of Neko basically.

Nyan seem to have modelled the skin of Nyan on Becky,a Japanese television personality. The father of Becky is a Briton, and the mother is a Japanese.

The Japanese SL inhabitants are comparatively high age. There are very few inhabitants of 20 generations like me and Nyan. Our generation shares many topics in the reality. And we have sense of incongruity toward an a little feudal Japanese older generation.

They have time when they are going to restrict our action and behavior. However, it’s their narrow-mindedness. SL is not Japanese society. It’s our natural right that we interchange with SL inhabitants in the world.

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2 Responses to The Japanese same generation in my SL

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    You can and you shall be free in SL. Do not let them interfere. Right 🙂

    Well in japan the average age is quite high, so I guess its natural that the age of japanese citizen in SL is high in SL too?

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Difference in sense of values between each generations is remarkable in Japan. Even if it is Chat, the Japanese can almost guess the generation of the talking person.

    I think the most of Japanese inhabitants in SL to be a senior citizen now. There are many pensioners, too. Because they have time enough.

    Therefore, I’m not equal with preference of their music and the topic, it. It depends on a sudden social environmental change that a generation gap occurred like this in Japan.

    Perhaps it is a part of the globalization that happened worldwide. Japanese adults were not able to adapt themselves to it well.

    Vesper,I make friends with you and am lucky 🙂
    The North European people have influence that they are good for the world. And your culture and society deserve attention for the world.

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