Work is Japanese society of having top priority

It’s half past 10 p.m. when I finish work and came home. And I must work on Saturday tomorrow. I’m a slave of the work. The Japanese company forces a worker to great overtime work.  However, they complain that personnel expenses are burdens. They are a kind of fools.

They don’t think about the restraint of personnel expenses. I think that the Japanese greatest fault is lack of the strategic viewpoint. Japanese is very poor at watching the whole.

And the best temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius in Yokohama until the day before yesterday, but became cold from yesterday. Temperature 15 degrees of this morning. The best temperature is expectation of 25 degrees.

I must drag out clothes for autumn from a chest in a hurry.

Oh,I’m busy…

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4 Responses to Work is Japanese society of having top priority

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    It sounds no fun! Im sorry for you =(

    Warm hugs!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Japan is the society which time for oneself cannot have so much. I often feel unpleasant that I belong to the Japanese organization.

    Such a crooked society records a suicide of 30,000 a year.

    Vesper, always thank you for warm words to me 🙂 I feel your good personality.

  3. Vesper Kling says:

    Well thanks to you I am reminded of how easy my own life is. Sometimes I forget such things and therefore it is necessary to have a reminder.

    I should not complain ( but i do now and then) because i lead a good life compared a lot of other human beings.

    Yes i know you have a lot of suicides in Japan and have had for a long time. Its remarkable that your society dont take that more serious =(

    Today we have 18 degrees (warm!) and i dont have to work because its weekend so i shall not complain 🙂
    Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

  4. ujiyasu says:

    If people choose the daily life like the leading role in the movie, they may not live long. lol.

    I think that the life that calmed down than the stimulating life can deepen the life more. Of course those both are useful moderately.

    We know that the life of Swedish people calms down. However, nobody can easily imitate it. Sweden built the society of the leading high level in the world after long time.

    Other countries cannot easily imitate it. I am convinced that the North European various actions and lifestyles have influence that they are good for the world.

    You please be please proud of Sweden 🙂

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