The pine mushrooms which came over from Sweden


From Sankei Kansai

On 19th, imported pine mushrooms from Sweden has begun to be sold in a department store of Osaka. As for them which were harvested in north Sweden, Japanese pine mushrooms and 99% are equal. Pine mushroom is a very expensive cooking ingredient in Japan. The pine mushrooms from Sweden is very cheap. And they were purchased at once by many people.

Pine mushrooms is imported into Japan from China. However, as for them, a Japanese does not have popularity with the danger of the soil pollution and an aspect of unripe collection technology.

Pine mushroom is called goliatmusseron in Sweden. Most Swedes are surprised to hear that this is eaten in Japan.

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6 Responses to The pine mushrooms which came over from Sweden

  1. Henrik says:

    Can you tell me what the sign tells? I can see that the price is 15750 ¥ but for what quantity? Could you please translate the whole sign?

    Thank you for an interesting blog!


  2. ujiyasu says:

    Hi,Henrik 🙂

    The Japanese matsudake mushroom of this year is a bad harvest. If the summer of the year is hot, upbringing of the matsudake mushroom is difficult.

    If you hope it, I investigate the rule of the price of the market.

  3. Henrik says:

    Thank you for answer, but I must have been unclear. What I was asking for was what the text of the sign says in the picture of Mr Ueda with Swedish matsutake in your text “The pine mushrooms which came over from Sweden”? You wrote it 2010-08-19.
    I can see that the sign says 15750¥, but what moore does it say?


  4. ujiyasu says:


    Is a person having pine mushroomz in a picture Ueda? It is written for the article of the newspaper that a supplier of Kyoto sells it.

    And those prices are written as a one-third in comparison with the Japanese product.

    The special thing seems not to be written for the signature in a picture.

    From Sweden
    Pine mushrooms
    About 15,750 yen per 200g”

    I cannot distinguish the letter of the footline.

    • Henrik says:

      The person in the picture is Koji Ueda, he is a friend of mine and has a very nice shop on Nishiki market street in Kyoto. You should go there if you go to Kyoto! By the way I believe some of the matsutakes in the picture were picked by me 🙂


  5. ujiyasu says:

    YW.The suppliers of Kyoto have tradition and are excellent. It was treated favorably to a newspaper about the pine mushroom which you chose 🙂

    If there is the opportunity when I go to Kyoto, I want to watch the shop.

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