The Battle of Britain Airfield, RAF Biggin Hill

I visited The Battle of Britain Airfield along Route8A of the Satori continent northern part. The steel tower of a characteristic radar on the watch for Luftwaffe airplane in The Battle of Britain is seen in the rear. And some barrage balloons floats in the sky.

It’s the air Field of RAF here.

 The Shana’s B-17 of RAF specifications parked 🙂

 Avro Lancaster. I’m interested in this heavy bomber.

 Perhaps this is mourning ground of victims in The Battle of Britain.

 British fighters.

 Oh? Is this German 88mmFLAK36?

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4 Responses to The Battle of Britain Airfield, RAF Biggin Hill

  1. I love this landyard.
    When I was childhood, so long time ago, my grandpa and his son -my godfather oncle- introduce me on modelism.
    Trains, steamers, and various dioramas.
    And my love brough for fighters and midbombers of WWII, even period biplanes.
    Camels and Pops, Fokkers, Dewatines…

    An some special crazy for the DeHavillands Mosquitos, Spitfires, Handley Page Halifax, Short Sunderland, Marauder… and this awasome Avro Lancaster… It’s a must to pilot in SL, for sure.

    I must to say my skills in finishing paints effects, oiled and smoked, weathered… was very fine.

    This approach to airplanes and Air Forces makes me go volunteer to spanish Ejercito del Aire, Ala 11 at Manises airport, Valencia. During one and half year I go so close to Mirage 2000, Harrier and Canadair CL-215 & CL-415.

    I have and special delight for the Short Sunderland, a dream to liveaboard…
    Still dreaming

    Good work

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Ahh,Mosquitos took charge of the duty of passfinder to lead Avro Lancasters to the aim. The body is very refined shape.

    Perhaps I cannot have been interested in airplanes like this when there was not SL. SL let me have various interest.

    It does free time given me wealthily 🙂
    And my interest spreads through the whole of the vehicles.

    Short Sunderland is a splendid flying boat. And the splendid airplane has a splendid story. I’m interested about those stories.

    Thank you for your wonderful comment.

  3. Domo arigato

    -elMegro bows respectful-


  4. ujiyasu says:

    Douitashimashite(YW) 🙂

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