Reality of severe work in this Japan

I must go to my office on Sunday today. Tomorrow is a holiday in Japan, but I must go to my office. In other words I can be off in the weekend of three consecutive holidays only on 1day. It’s not my will.

The right of the worker is limited in a formula / a non-formula remarkably in Japan. The workers suffer from labor every day for a long time. On the other hand, the unemployed people cannot get a job forever. Both the government and the society in Japan neglect an effort to solve this problem.

It is said that about 20% of the men of 30’s act in Japan more than 60 a week time. It does not change for ten years. This means that one in 5 works overtime every day more than four hours on an average.

It should become the increase of a further financial burden for the company to let an employee work for a long time. However, why does not the overtime work disappear in Japan? It has many problems such as influence on health or decrease of private time for the worker side. The cause is that the interest of the both Japanese labor and management accords.

In Japan,it’s judged highly that workers stay in the workshop into the night. Why is such an anachronism continued? It is because a standard for evaluation of workers is vague in Japan.

A lot of personnel system of the seniority stays in Japan. It raises the possibility that an incompetent person becomes the leader of the workplace.  Therefore, the Japanese job is non-efficiency very. They cannot make even the estimate of the work load of the day. The irresponsible workplace decreases work efficiency still more.

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2 Responses to Reality of severe work in this Japan

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    OMG you are working to much im so sorry for you =(

    take care! Hugs

  2. ujiyasu says:

    This is a Japanese social serious defect. However, curiously nobody makes an objection.

    The really Japanese society has many strange parts.

    Vesper,I thank for your kind soothing 🙂

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