Shana’s B-17 Vers 6.2

Shana’s B-17 was on the upgrade to ver.6.2. Till now, the bombing by vice sistem was  two bombs were dropped. Because it was the same as a small bomber and fighter-bomber, it was too little for quantity of bomb dropping of the large-sized bomber. As for the new version, it is dropped 4 on once a bomb. This step is proper improvement as a large-sized bomber.

The true B-17 carried a bomb of the considerable quantity as the strategic bomber. However, the mass bomb throwing down is a burden for SIM in SL. The Shana’s B-17 can do carpet bombing with a visual effect. It does not damage SIM and enemys.

5crew can get in the Shana’s B-17 at the maximum. The defense power of the B-17 when each crew was located in a gun turret is surely big. However, such situation must pay attention as a rare thing in SL. In most cases, the B-17 makes a sortie only with a pilot. It is easy to become the prey of the fighter.

There seems to be the group criticizing good mobility of this bomber. However, it is only partial criticism. We, B-17 users don’t fly there. The group cannot influence the whole SL.

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