The summer to stay in Japan

The yesterday’s best temperature was 34℃. And it was humid and was unpleasant. Do I write a similar thing many times recently? The best temperature continued exceeding 33℃from August to yesterday.

According to the forecast, it seems to be about 30 degrees centigrade about the best temperature from today to the weekend. It is relaxation of some heat. However, the humidity is unpleasant highly.

The time of now of Stockholm, the temperature are around 15℃. Short summer may be regretted in Sweden. However, I am already too enough in the summer in here Tokyo.

When does autumn come over in Japan? I’m depressed for high temperature high humidity in Japan.

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2 Responses to The summer to stay in Japan

  1. Mera Kranfel says:

    I hope you will have autumns soon!!


  2. ujiyasu says:

    It is the weather of the heavy rain today in Yokohama. A little rain become rather humid and is unpleasant. but some temperature withdrew this time.

    Yokohama will be a heavy rain tomorrow. This summer that seemed to be a nightmare is going to pass.

    The Japanese weather seems to have been influenced by a word of Mera 🙂


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