My strange English

I watched weblog of Vesper,Mer eller mindle KRANFEL and thought about my English. She writes it in “About me” as follows.

“Yes i´m afraid the older posts is a mix between swedish and english but u can try the funny Google translator just below ;)”

The Swedish English is much better than we Japanese. If her English is “funny”, is my English “a singularity”?

However, there is not time to be troubled with me about it. I’m driven away by my work…

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6 Responses to My strange English

  1. Mera Kranfel says:

    No your write excellent english!! Im just trying to make excuses for myself before some native english speaker jumps on me =)

    I know i spell wrong and use the wrong words from time to time but dont we all? I think people understand anyway otherwise they have to ask.

    And i think most of them appreaciate we try to write in a language most people on the planet can follow. Its an effort we do actually, its not that easy.

    And I highly appreciate your effort, i want you to know that.


  2. Mera Kranfel says:

    Also, i was not referring to my english as “funny” i meant that the Google translation is often very funny. Try it and you will see =))

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  4. ujiyasu says:

    Mera,I thank for encouragement to me of you 🙂
    I sometimes do a real mistake in English. They almost has a cause in my carelessness.

    I forget the foreign language unless I always use it. My brain has in particular little memory 🙂

    And ahh, I jumped to a misleading conclusion…
    It is translation that is funny in Google Translate.

    We can talk with an English native in the virtual world. I think that it’s one of the virtual world advantages.

    We know each other in the world and can get a beginning of the conversation.

    I am glad if I can talk with you in Swedish.

  5. Mera Kranfel says:

    Ty =) Im so glad i met you. Its so exciting to have friends so far away as in Japan! And this is because of that we speak (ok broken) english we can understand each other =)

    And also thanks to Second life =)


  6. ujiyasu says:

    I have gladness same as you, too. We overcome physical distance now 🙂

    In the days of a thing of new communication. We can share even the same imagination space as well as conversation.


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