My features are different from a clearly pure Japanese. Because I’m Swedish-Japanese. By the way, the Japanese makes a strange question me.

“How is your features?”

I notice that I speak Japanese, and there is a Japanese becoming haughty a little. I think whether I will use only the English then. Their behavior is very unfair.

It’s natural for me to have both characteristics.

Mona Yamamoto  is a Norwegian-Japanese TV announcer and presenter. She was born in Japan in 1976. Her father is Norwegian. Her father was discharged from a Japanese shipping line in the days of her primary schoolchild, and her father went back to Norway.

I feel complicated if I know her circumstances.

I want to get away from Japan sometime soon so that there are not many overseas people settling down in Japan. I like the Japanese culture. However, I cannot get along well with the Japanese who is higher than half. It is pain very much to match me with character peculiar to them.

Of course I have many splendid Japanese friends. However, there are the unpleasant Japanese than the same number.

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