Oh my god!

I must work today without being concerned on Saturday. Though Japan is in bad times, why is it? And overtime work increases.

It’s a very bad Japanese labor custom. The labor custom is one of the causes of the home collapse. However, the Japanese men don’t readily change the custom. I give up to Japanese men long ago.

I watched a nightmare hit by Japanese men. It’s what untimely…

Ahhh,I must go out…

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2 Responses to Oh my god!

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    I feel bad for u this is not good =(

    I know there is not enough children born in Japan. The reason is maybee this?

    Take care, hugs

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Yes.The reason is first in Japan.
    And mother takes the burden for child care one-sidedly in Japan. Good quality and the inexpensive day care institution are overwhelmingly short, besides, in Japan.

    This is not anything else except the negligence of the government. Japan seems not to be able to fit a sudden social change…

    Vesper,thank you for minding it 🙂

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