The Liseberg of Rera

My Swedish friend,Eddie set up Rollercoaster in Rera.

 What amusement park did he get the hint from? There is the amusement park,Liseberg in Göteborg.

 It may be Hyrdaulic launch coaster,Kanonen.

 Mouse look is most suitable for the view from this roller coaster.

 Eddie is good at finding something which is interesting and fun.

 Actually, this gets dizzy!

 By the way, this roller coaster uses 600prims. lol.


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6 Responses to The Liseberg of Rera

  1. Amazing :))

    Can I’ll go RollerCoasting with friends?!



  2. ujiyasu says:

    Of course please anytime 🙂

    The platform is here.

  3. ujiyasu says:

    Vesper,Stockholm has Tivoli Grona Lund 🙂

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Djurgården is a splendid island / district. The well-known place is Skansen.

    I envy you …:)

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