Why don’t I write weblog in Japanese?

I’m not updating my another weblog for a long time. It is a group of weblogs for Japanese SL users mainly. The cognitive degree of SL in Japan is low originally. When I started SL in 2007, the Japanese mass communication gave citizens wrong information. It was information of the contents which the money-making was easy for in SL.

The people who had the virtual world and no relations of 3D logged in to SL in large quantities thereby. Japanese SIMs overflowed with Japanese merchants, and they built the ordinary world where was full of shopping malls all.

Because they cannot gain in SL, they left hurriedly. The Japanese SL community reduced rapidly. However, the Japanese SL community became somewhat normal by it. And few Japanese make the Japanese world in a corner of SL. It is the very small world.

I think SL to be the larger world. It is not necessary to log in to SL if I expect interchange only for Japanese. As for me, the purpose is achieved by talking with a neighboring Japanese 🙂

SL may be a reduced drawing of a kind of earth. There are the people who cannot yet have their PC in the world in great numbers. There are the countrys where the free writings are not accepted.

I have already understood the reason why many Japanese are unenthusiastic about English. It depends on Japanese and English too big difference. However, Japanese is already a local language. The most of information changed in the world are English. It is similar about Japanese weblogs which featured the theme of SL. Only a Japanese watches weblog written in Japanese. It means that the comments from world people are not provided. And it’s an opportunity loss very much.

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4 Responses to Why don’t I write weblog in Japanese?

  1. janefossett says:

    I just discovered your blog today; I apologize it took me so long, it is my fault.
    I will add you as a link to Metaversesailing.blogspot.com.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    I sail simply. Therefore, I’m not readily discovered 🙂

    I think of your proposal in honor.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Vesper Kling says:

    Im glad u write in English =) I do too and i have the same reason as you have. I was thinking about blogging about it also.

    Some people dont like that i write in english but Sweden in Second life and inWorldz where i live now, is very very small. And I want to communicate to other people also. Swedish people i meet everyday irl anyway 🙂


  4. ujiyasu says:

    Vesper,I’m glad that you thought about the thing which resembled me 🙂

    The greatest common divisor of the language in the world is English.

    And of course I love Swedish, too. I hear the characteristic accent elegantly.

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