KAORU and Hayleighe

 I met KAORU and Hayleighe. They are my friends from the early stage in my SL. We live in U.K., U.S.A. and Japan each. And there was their friend,Michael there, too. It realizes a significant, interesting chat in SL. Each other’s difference in time, a topic of  politics, the difference of the custom…

 They taught me an interesting thing about SL. Because I was interested about it, I’m going to learn it about it slowly.

 They hear my poor English patiently. It is a good point of their character.

 I show respect for them who are going to understand my English patiently. I know my English inappropriate description by their reaction. It is a valuable experience only by SL. I am sorry that many Japanese are not going to jump out of the small Japanese world.

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