The wrong man for Japan

The wrong man for Japan” and the name of the man who  is appointed by are Ichiro Ozawa. He is the chief secretary before the existing Democratic Party Administration. And he was proud of great power in a shadow then.

The indication by FT is good for Japan really. Many Japanese dislike him including me. He seems to dislike the greatest friend,U.S.A. somehow or other for Japan.

The features such as the gorilla let many Japanese citizens have fear and hatred. Must not we judge a person from appearance? Of course it is so. However, it is an exception about him. His behavior seems to be an insufficient gang lord of the wisdom. He plans to become the Japanese Prime Minister now.

Japan will fall into big confusion when he took office as the prime minister. I was against the Japanese Democratic Party Administration from the first. They are evil for the Japan-U.S. relationship.  And they are harmful to Asian stability from a long-term point of view.

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