The country where Japan is strange and the French media to report

Japanese reputation does not seem to be good recently in the French. For example, location unknown problem of senior citizens in Japan is reported in Le Monde greatly.

“847 old men older than 100 years old are missing in Kobe”

It is impossible legally in France to borrow an apartment from finding employment without an identification card and a stay permit. Therefore, the problem in Japan is the problem that is not thought about for the French.

There was the Japanese who criticized Swedish social security before a little, but it followed that the exposure of the problem in these Japan exposed the big deficiency of the Japanese social security to the world.

Of course, the unbelievable case happens in France,too. According to a news, the woman who lived in the French northern part discovered the epitaph of the son in a town nearby in a common burial ground in the same site on the funeral day of her younger brother. Though she left a message in an answering machine and the apartment of her son to attend at the funeral service of his uncle,but he was absent.

In fact, her son died about 1 month ago, and he was discovered posthumously three days later by neighboring inhabitants. His corpse became clear with “natural death” as a result of investigation of the police, and he was buried in the common burial ground. She was grieved that the police did not look for his close relatives. She anger and says that she accuse the police.

However, her younger brother did not become the terrible result that he could put in Japan as a result of existence of the certificate. Are Japan and French which strange? The answer is clear.

Then are all Japanese strange? Indeed?

Most Japanese are normal.,lol.

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