Some variations of Taivaan helmi : 1

Tomby’s B239-Buffalo-Taivaan Helmi changes to the cherished plane of each Finnish aces by a touch in a body. They belonged to No. 24 Squadron both. Therefore, Lynx emblem of No. 24 Squadron is drawn on the nose of either body.

Eino Ilmari Juutilainen top scoring Finnish fighter pilot. Like fighter aces Erich Hartmann and Saburo Sakai, Juutilainen never lost a wingman in combat. He rode on BW-364 from March, 1941 to the end of 1942 and shot down 34 Soviet Union airplanes.

He already fought against the Soviet Union in war in winter from 1935 and shot down 2+1/6, and got promotion to a warrant officer.

Nils Edvard Katajainen,the flying Ace pilot of the Finnish air force was called by a nickname of Nipa. Because he continued undergoing various misfortune, he is known as “unlucky Katajainen” generally. He rode on Bw-368 as a sergeant from June, 1941 and shot down 10 Soviet Union airplanes. However, he was made to transfer to the bomber corps because he often broke a fighter by an accident.

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