Life in Japan which is this shoulder base

It was only the weekend that the best temperature was 30 degrees Celsius in Yokohama. The best temperature exceeded 35 degrees today of Monday, and the humidity was unpleasant, too.

The unpleasant high temperature high humidity seems to continue this week. I worked overtime while always having unpleasantness. The Japanese workplace loves overtime work. I wonder at it, but, as for many Japanese, even consciousness does not do it.  Perhaps the young Japanese are deceived by old Japanese.

When I came home, it was half past 9 p.m. I must take a bath. And I must wash wet clothing for sweat. When it finished the both, and I settled in the cool room, it was half past 10 p.m. in time.

Because there is not an appetite, I don’t eat.  I add a few dry gin to the juice which squeezed muscat and drink it. Of course I fully put big ice in the glass.

Heh,I seem to oversleep tomorrow if I do not sleep soon.

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