Is the Japanese historical view normal?

The grandmother of my father leads to Aizu Domain. The Japanese modern history is taught in a viewpoint of the new government which destroyed the Edo Shogunate. If a Japanese does not doubt the history, the Japanese cannot laugh at North Korea.

The history is handed down by people. It is accompanied with the subjectivity of people handing it down.

Hoshina clan,the daimyo of Aizu was given an important post as a relative of shoguns in the Edo era. And Aizu Domain supported Syogun till the last. Matsudaira Katamori was last daimyo of the Aizu han and  Military Commissioner of Kyoto.

He guarded the Emperor and a general in Kyoto and supervised the Choshu feudal clan for peace and order maintenance of Kyoto strictly. As a result, it was considered to be the main enemy by Choshu side who took the core of the new government in Japan.

Aizu fought at Battle of Aizu hard in the situation that a civil war was overwhelmingly disadvantageous to the Shogunate till the last.

The new government troop did not forgive a burial as “a member of thieves” with Aizu person killed in action of Aizu War. The bodys left with this purpose for a long term was exposed to wind and rain, and it was eaten out by the birds and beasts. Crows gathered around the body, and there were a thing without the neck, the thing that clothes were unclothed, the thing that it was undressed inside, and it was cut the sexual organs. However, the progenies of the new government do not still accept this tragedy.

The women of Aizu fought, too. The sister-in-law of Katamori,Teruhime commanded the women of the clansman in Aizu Castle siege war. As a result of encounter with the military unit of the new government troop, there was the military unit of an exterminated women. 

The new government troop intended to rape them first. The barbarian gene of the new government troop may have been succeeded in the Japanese armed forces founded before long.

The grandmother of my father disliked Choshu(Current Hiroshima. Yamaguchi…). She watched it with the mesh which cooled down about the atom bomb dropped by Hiroshima.

” They insist that they are victims of the atom bomb. However, they were assailants before it.”

She said.

Japanese aren’t victims in World War II. Rather Japanese are assailants. The history must be conveyed definitely.

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