When does my appetite return?

I was tired and slept early, but was not able to fall asleep. The clock displays past 0:00 a.m. I went out of my house to buy some beer cans. Of course Japan is 24 hours.lol.

When do they sleep? Such a thing does not matter for me.

I noticed that tonight was very cool. However, it is Japanese summer. The humidity must revive again. I must think of now in good luck.

That reminds me I don’t eat very much recently. I ate almost cold noodles for breakfast. The lunch did not have the appetite at all and was not able to eat. My height is 170cm. I became sad to see the woman of 155cm tall of my workplace being full of appetites. After all the average Japanese is used to humidity.

I lost 5kg in this summer after all. It is the diet that is very dull for me. It became slightly cool, and was my appetite restored?


Stop using old oil for deep-fried food. I have heartburn just to have watched it…

It seems to still continue in summer of difficult Japan for me.

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