Admiration to calm summer

The memory of the summer of the time when I am small for me is not intense summer like Tokyo.  The woman of the Japanese fellow worker of my workplace finished a summer vacation and returned to the workplace. She tanned in black. Does the Japanese tan in black in a short term? Japanese all is not always so.

As for the women of the North Japan, a pigment of the skin is white. They do not tan. they are red for a blister. On the other hand, it is a color of the skin that people of the central Japanese Pacific side are dark. They tan easily.

It is the evidence that a Japanese is not homogeneous. The Japanese is a kind of hybrid. The person who is strong in severe summer may own the ancestor in New Guinea or Indonesia distantly.

It is an ideal for me in the summer when it is calm. The scenery of the Swedish midsummer in the upper part video is ideal for me. It looks like it in midsummer in Hokkaido. The true happiness for me may be to live in Hokkaido or Sweden.

I like the place that is not the tropical zone and desert in SL. However, the scenery in SL has overwhelmingly much tropical zone. Why is it?

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