A Japanese rotten generation

Isabelle Fyllning fyll svenska popbandet “Ladylike” med Louise Tomassino, Miranda Hortlund och Valerie Wigardt. De verkar alla medlemmar svenskarna. Isabelle verkar vara en modell av fotografier från början. Tyvärr har jag lite information om dem.

When I think about from tomorrow, it is depressed. I must work with Japanese men past middle age if I will go to the workshop tomorrow. I hate them. They of the anti-U.S.A. posture are the generations who objected to the Japan-U.S. alliance strongly in one’s youth.

A generation same as them makes the core of existing Japan Administration. It is an incompetent group. They came to occupy the core of the government and the company, and Japan has begun to fall.

There was the generation who guided Japan to the wicked aggressive war in World War II. The difference of the thought by the generation is big in Japan. I expect that they leave the stage of the politics as soon as possible. The existing party in power is not good for the at all Japan-U.S. friendship.

Why did the Japanese citizen let unripe anti-U.S.A. political party get the political power? It is immaturity for we Japanese civic politics. And we Japan citizen did not think that they were liars like that. However, I take responsibility for our having chosen them. I impeach them. To throw out liars…

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