The Hakodate neighboring : Onuma Lake

There is Onuma Seminational Park in about 28km north of Hakodate. And the scenery of Hokkaido located in the subarctic zone is different from the south of Hokkaido.

Onuma is the Oshima Peninsula East of Southwest Hokkaido, a lake in Nanae-cho. The lake formed by the natural damming of a river which Orito streamflow was stopped as for it by the mountain body collapse that occurred at the time of the eruption of Mt. Komaga-take of 1640. 126 islands and the outskirts are dotted with some wetlands in the lake.

Mt. Komagatake of meters above the sea level 1,131m is an active volcano. There are three craters on the mountaintop.

When Hakodate port was cleared for trade with foreign countries in 1855, the Onuma whole area was considered to be the health resort of the foreigner. The forest of silver firs and maples,white birches through the lakefront and are known as a noted place of colored leaves. The meaning of Onuma comes from “poro to”(a big lake) of the Ainu. The animals such as Ezo red foxes and raccoon dogs, squirrels inhabit the outskirts.

I made my homestead,Rera in reference to scenery of Onuma somewhat. If work is possible in reality in Hokkaido, I want to come back to Hokkaido right now. I dislike the chaos of Asia. Ahh,it may be good choice to go to Sweden.

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