The Drive of Snowlands 2010 : vol.1

I came to Chalet Linden of Snowlands.

I went to the west on a way of Snowlands.

There is not the very large snowy field in Mainland any place other than here. And it is only Mainland that a long-distance drive is possibility.

Snowlands is the origin of my mainland exploration. I stop update of the blog now. The reason is because there are many Japanese writing unpleasant comment. I was about to dislike  Japanese about SL temporarily.

I am surprised at the ability of the person in charge of LL which made this topography in the early time of SL. Because this continent is the SL oldest continent.

The way comes off from Snowlands at one time.

The foot of the Sansara continent highest peak. LL did not make such dynamic topography before long. The inhabitants of the new majority expected the flat topography. However, it decreased charm of new Mainland.

SL was similar in Rl, and the first ambitious topography was evaded, and SIM of the mass production type became the mainstream of Mainland one after another. However, as for flat SIM produced in large quantities, it is early that it is got tired by inhabitants.

Charm of the continents which is the oldest in SL is variety of the topography.

And I do new discovery. There was the tunnel where snow was piled up.

I who shrink from it in hot summer of provoking Japan can enjoy the cool to the full in SL in reality.

I want to sometimes complain to LL. However, the virtual world that balance has best is SL.

By the way, the vehicle is the left traffic in Japan. Is it chickenshit? Hahaha…

A snowmobile

The pickup that was left…

Oh? A new way is done extension of by the right.

I came in the way.

There are some SIMs which stuck out from the continent.

Chamonix?  That Chamonix-Mont-Blanc?

I see. It may be private estates connected to mainland here.

It’s new big discovery for me. I must play here. lol.

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