The Parking Slot of My Taivaan Helmi

I parked my B239 Taivaan Helmi in the SIM next to Rera. I use the skybox of here now as a storeroom. Precious ground land is useless in this. Because the neighboring scenery is not my preference, I don’t build my house here. The atmosphere of this neighborhood is sultry.

The other side is my Rera across the waterway. Because planting is totally different from here in Rera, a continent different seems to contact.

I don’t encounter it with these past several months or a resident of this SIM. It may be because time when I log in to SL is different from them. And it must be one of the reasons that directionality in my SL became estranged with them greatly. It is not still dissatisfaction for me here. The reason is because I am free here.

I intend to put equipment of airplane degree for private use here for my Taivaan Helmi. The fault of only here does not have scenery at all in North Europe. Probably it may not be possible to imagine the North European scenery for most Japanese.

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