Is Sweden a really happy country?”

Is Sweden a really happy country?”

A shocking article was carried by a certain Japanese magazine.

“Attention to Sweden increased by what the Japanese existing prime minister expressed when he pushed on for the realization of the superior social security. Of course Sweden is not Utopia. And world where there is not Utopia. The Swedish citizen took long time and built the structure of our country.”

Ambassador Stefan Noreén said.

However, a Japanese resident in Sweden insisted that Sweden was not Utopia. Hus Emiko,a primary school teacher in Stockholm insists that Sweden is inferior to Japan with every aspect.

She commits a big mistake. It is not right to criticize Sweden with a Japanese social standard. Sweden does not have the busy streets which seem to be Tokyo. However, how did it do it? The Swedish towns are settled down beautifully from Tokyo. She may feel chaos of Asia good.

The Japanese must pay attention to most Swedes believing in Protestant Luther group. The surplus pizazza is silly for Swedish people. It is the people who are beautiful enough even if they do not display oneself.

And the Japanese has a Swedish double rate of suicide. Nonetheless do Japanese insist that Japan is superior to Sweden?










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