Romantic Mojito

from Verdens Gang

Romantic Mojito

Scandinavia’s best bartender made the perfect drink for any wedding or to impress your lover. Try just yourself.

It is important to preserve the romance and why not let it flourish a little extra with this romantic drink?

In 2009, Silje Takle was voted best bartender in Scandinavia, where she has made a romantic and delicious twist on the classic Mojito romdrinken.

Romens history and many good drinks here

Most of us are probably more accustomed to using a blank room in the mojitos, but by using a sling cry variant has Silje had presented a wonderful depth and character in the drink.

Here in Norway we have a good selection of delicious room types to choose from, depending on what you should use it.

Here you can find best rooms polets

The gorgeous rose-leaves also puts his wonderful touch to the delicious drink, and you can well imagine a better drink to serve guests at a wedding?

Here we used a pre mojitomiks to make the drink, but you can certainly make mojitos on the classic way with fresh mint and lime. Pass then only to sift from the mint leaves so that the drink is ready and rose leaves comes into its own.

Rose Mojito

Juice of ½ lime
1 ½ tsp white sugar
4 cl Havana Club 7 Años
2 cl Rose’s Mojito
Rose Leaves

Topped with soda


Locate an elegant high ball glass and add the sugar, lime juice and Rose’s Mojito.

Stir well together until the sugar dissolve and add the saved ROM.

Put the rose leaves inside the glass. Fill with crushed ice and stir the ingredients lightly about.

Topped with soda and garnish with a rose.

Here you will find Aperitif bartender with lots of great drink recipes.

Drink Recipe: Silje Takle

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