Hakodate Orthodox Church

Hakodate Orthodox Church is Japanese oldest Orthodox Church belonging to Orthodox Church in Japan. Iosof Antonovichi Goskevich,the 1st Russian consul set up a temple of Confucius in thr consulate in 1859. The first  priest went back to Russia immediately, but three Japanese were baptized by Hieromonk,Saint Nicholas, Equal-to-the-Apostles(Ivan Dimitrovich Kasatkin) which visited Japan in 1861, and they became the model of the Japanese Orthodox Church.

There were five bells in the temple of Confucius first. However, the bell broke by a big fire of Hakodate of 1907. Nicolai temple of Tokyo was damaged for the big earthquake that occurred in Tokyo in 1923. The bell of Hakodate Orthodox Church was changed for the 6bells of the temple of Confucius of Tokyo.

During World War II, the church bells were removed for weapon production. A Greek donated bells to thr church in 1968. This church is appointed in Important Cultural Properties of Japan.

The Hakodate citizen continues hearing the bells of this church every day. It lets Japanese tourists imagine exoticism. However, the sound and the church are not special things for me.

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