Tokyo Summer : Like mist sauna

When I went to my office yesterday morning, the Tokyo neighboring was a drizzle. In the case of a drizzle of the summer in Hokkaido, temperature suddenly falls. It is very comfortable. However, as for the Japanese drizzle, the humidity generally soars and is very unpleasant.

It seems to have totally bathed in a mist sauna as wearing clothes. The wet clothes do not dry for a drizzle and sweat easily and are dirty. Some may change their clothes about the workplace. However, the others do not change their clothes. The men give off a bad smell and are dirty.

When I came home, the open air was high humidity. It is windless at a high temperature, besides. I had to throw wearing clothes into the washing machine as soon as I came home.

Then I take a bath. I cast bath salts into the hot water filled the bathtub with. It is the dark blue powder which is based on Sodium bicarbonate, and it smells the mint. I am refreshed in my home bath.

Finally I take a shower of cold water. And I go to the cooled room and have late dinner. Because my kitchen is very hot,I don’t cook there.

It is supreme bliss for two hours before my going to the bed.  I fill a glass with big ices and pour dry gin and vegetables juice. And I hear Swedish pops. It lets me forget Japanese terrible heat. It is the greatest luxury before sleeping for me.

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