Unexplained crayfish in Scania

from DN.SE

Scania water has been affected by crayfish. The once-resilient signal crayfish have been in some places almost knocked out completely. In Immeln Lake, north of Kristianstad, nine out of ten crabs disappeared.

“It does not matter where you put down the cages, there are no crabs yet.”

says high levels of fishing and fishing area’s chairman, Torvald Persson to the SVT Sydnytt.

The stock of the signal crayfish has declined sharply in almost all lakes in Skåne, in the County Board.

“We do not know why the signal crayfish are dying out.  At worst, we get a crayfish site Scania.”
said Johan Vangström, fisheries director for the County Board to Sydnytt.
The signal crayfish implanted in the 80s for its strong resistance to crayfish plague, which attacked the native crayfish.
A crayfish party is called a kräftskiva in Sweden. The party is a traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration in the Nordic countries. The crawfishes are imported by the freezing in large quantities in this time to Sweden.
The crawfish of the Swedish product is expensive. Sweden exported crawfishes in old days, but they largely decreased for indiscriminate hunting and an epidemic.
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