The Paveway of Tornado

Tornado is generally interdictor. The duty is different from Close Air Support. Therefore, Tornado is demanded a high-speed flight to come in the rear of the enemy.

One of the main armament of Tornado has Paveway III GPS/Laser guided bomb. As for Tornado by ANOK, the bombing that is exact by clicking a map displayed in same SIM by HUD is possible. Or Tornado can receive data of the location of the enemy from the friend ground troop.

Tornado attacks the overhead of the enemy at high speed. Paveway hits an enemy with high probability. Tornado just leaves it to next SIM at high speed and avoids the anti-aircraft fire of the enemy. However, I suddenly turned over for the photography of the snapshot this time.

 Tornado is equipped with air-to-air missiles and a machine gun for self-defense. However, it is not a duty.

Tornado returns immediately to the friend air base after having attacked an enemy.

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