It is egoism of Japanese adults.

Japan was hit by a heat wave today ,too. The terrible high temperature and high humidity beat me up by the evening. I arrived at the station of my town while staggering.

My town is just the eve of the summer festival. Surprisingly, a large number of Japanese seem not to be worried at all in the evening that is this unpleasantness. They can enjoy the night of this high temperature high humidity.

When I avoided a crowd and came home, I bathed. The cold water lets me revive.

On the other hand, more than 150,000 people came for sea bathing today in the beach around Yokohama. The beach seems to have been filled up with people so that we did not see sand.

“Japanese youths disliked the sea.The youth must play in the sea.”
A Japanese newspaper grieved over. However, why does the newspaper label it?

80% for Japanese 60 generations seem to like the sea. And the teenage youth of 60% likes the sea. 20’s of 60% does not intend to play in the sea. The main reason why Japanese youths came to avoid sea bathing seems to be next.

1.A feeling of resistance for the sunburn.
2.The feeling badness of sticky seawater
3.Dirty seawater

A certain university professor criticizes Japanese youths.
“The Japanese youths are too particular about cleanliness. When we were young, we did not take a bath every day. And they are not energetic.”

However, adults polluted the sea originally. And the personal taste is subdivided now. Adults should not force sea bathing on youths uniformly.

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